• Dissolution at CASP Studio C

    Dissolution at CASP Studio C

  • Succumb at Cider Gallery

    Succumb at Cider Gallery

  • Flesh & Bone at Artist Image Resource

    Flesh & Bone at Artist Image Resource

Using prints, cut paper, and collage, I create spaces in which to contemplate death, impermanence, and the vulnerability of the body. My installations are stark, yet complex. Through historical reference and compressed narrative, the figures grapple with a tumultuous recognition of their mortality.

These installations are largely void of color and instead rely primarily on linework. However, tiny hits of the hue give evidence of a chronology and highlight the beautiful but troubling undertones within the work. The result is an environment that quietly provides an intimate pause in which to consider the frailty of the body; allowing us to dwell on the uncomfortable truth of mortality.