Review of “Send Off”

Fed, serigraph, 22 x 15" 2010

Glasstire just published a wonderful review of Send Off,  the current print exhibition at grayDUCK Gallery in Austin, Texas. It included some very kind words about my work in the show:

“Bite by Torgerson is particular haunting, depicting a young woman ingesting (or is that regurgitating?) an unidentifiable, gold substance—a scene rendered peaceful through historical portrait conventions, Damson branch oval vignetting, and a returned gaze. Further down the wall of four (un)traditional portraits, Torgerson’s Fed is a quite sensible portrait of a conservatively dressed woman, save the absurdity of a pile of cash crammed into her mouth. The work references physical money in a secondary, more subtle way: its full-profile circular style mimics the design of a coin. I doubt that it is lost on the artist that currency is also editioned, and in the case of paper money, printed.”

You can find the whole review here.

Send Off

Bite, serigraphy & 23k gold leaf, 14 x 11" 2012

My prints will be on display at grayDUCK Gallery in the month of December.

After three and a half years in South Austin, grayDUCK will be relocating to the Eastside. A final send off in the form of a group print show of a handful of the artists that have adorned these walls in years past, featuring original, small batch prints.

Send Off
grayDUCK Gallery
608 W. Monroe Street, Suite C,
Austin, TX 78704
(S.1st St. & Monroe)
December 6th – 22nd, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 6th, 7-10pm

New Prints from IPCNY in Edinburgh

The New Prints 2013 exhibition at IPCNY of earlier this year is now traveling to Scotland for a second showing.

37206_491754464383_6353567_nNew Prints 2013 is the forty-fourth presentation of IPCNY’s New Prints Programme, a series of curated exhibitions organised by IPCNY several times each year featuring prints made within the past twelve months. New Prints 2013 consists of etchings, lithographs, installations, books and sculptures, and other manifestations of print processes. The exhibition fosters a dialogue between the representational and surreal, political and imaginative, three-dimensional and transparent. It includes prints of all shapes, sizes, colours, lengths and dimensions. It is a testament to the vivacity and creativity of printmaking throughout the world. 

New Prints 2013
14 September – 5 October 2013

Edinburgh Printmakers
23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR, UK
+44 (0)131 557 2479