This came in the mail today, I am so excited that I had to share!

UPPERCASE is a lovely magazine about art, artists, design and other creative practices. And I am thrilled to be included in this amazing publication, and share a little of my Fogo Island adventure.

Below is a low res preview of the whole magazine, but you’ll have to buy your own copy if you want to read the whole thing. It’s worth it!

Last Days

The elusive cloud berry plant (above and below) known locally as bakeapples.

Finishing up my time on Fogo Island. Sad to miss the ripening of the many wild berries on the island, still weeks away, but my time here must end.  It has been an incredible experience, and I will miss this place.

Little Fogo Islands

Today the weather was nice enough for a trip to Little Fogo Islands (a group of very small islands about 5 miles off the north coast of Fogo Island).

It was a trip which saw hundreds and hundreds of puffins, being a nesting grounds for the small birds. No one lives there permanently anymore, though people still return during the summer season.

Now halfway through my residency on Fogo Island. I am continuing to explore the island and have now seen all the Fogo Island Arts Corp/Shorefast Foundation artist studios currently constructed, including the Squish Studio in Tilting (top) and the Bridge Studio in Deep Bay.

There are three Artist in Residency programs on Fogo Island; one in based in Tilting, the one I am involved in based in the community of Fogo, and studios/homes of the Fogo Island Arts Corp which are spread throughout the island.

Adventures on Fogo Island. Went to see a dead sperm whale that washed up in Joe Batt’s Arm. The lower jaw had been removed, but the rest of it was still mostly intact. I have my fingers crossed to see some live whales by boat in the next week or two. On the same walk we saw the Long Studio of the Shorefast Foundation and the sculpture of the Great Auk on a far tip of the coast.  It was an amazing day.