SUBPAR wins Salt City Dishes

I finally have some news on a project that was been in development for a few months called SUBPAR. SUBPAR stands for “Syracuse Urban Beautification Public Art Resistance”. It is an open collective that encourages and creates public art interventions.

The purpose of SUBPAR is to integrate art into the visual landscape of Syracuse. SUBPAR aims to create street art installations that force beauty into the urban surroundings.

We had the opportunity to present a project at the first ever Salt City DISHES and we won! We have been awarded a $1,000 to create our first project. We’ll be combining screenprinting with ceramics to create a dynamic new look of street decor. (See the example of a test tile above). A huge thank you to the engaged and dedicated populace of Syracuse who attended DISHES. We have great things planned…

FYI Grant

Recently I, with a group of 3 other students, have been awarded a First Year Interdisciplinary Grant from Syracuse University. Our proposal was entitled, “A Sense of Place”. Our project involves collecting thoughts, feelings, meanings and memories of specific public spaces and putting them on display, as a way for the space itself to “talk back”. In doing this, we are striving to create a dialogue between the space an its occupants.

One of my roles in the project will be the creation of the visuals used in to assist in collecting people’s reactions to certain spaces, as well as the later exhibition that will be created around this information. More information will be provided as the project progresses.