Weather is still not cooperating for photographs or much outdoor activity here in Fogo Island. I took a short walk out to a rock pier to take this photo which depicts the terrain and where the houses are built in relation to the harbor.

More when the weather improves.

Books Finished: Servants of the Fish by Myron Arms. Reading: Sweet Dreams by Johanna Drucker, and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Arrived at Fogo Island

After two days of traveling that included three planes, a long drive, a ferry and a short drive, I have arrived at Fogo Island.

Unfortunately the weather has not been as welcoming as the very kind people (its 40 degrees F with gusty winds and rain) so I only have this photo from the deck of my new lodgings to share. I hope to share many more images soon. I may even post a regular log of my next four weeks on this small rocky island.

All I know at this point is it feels strangely comforting to be north of the 45th again.

More soon…

NY Street Art

New York was covered with graffiti, especially in the East Village and Alphabet City, where we stomped around the most. Here’s a picture of my favorite piece I saw in while in the city.
I love its simplicity. I saw several of these style keys as we walked around, but I like the placement of this one. And the best part? It was on the corner where we were staying.

New York, New York

New York was brilliant. Above is a view from the roof of the apartment where we stayed in the East Village. (Click on it for a better look- its a 180 degree view that starts from the south).
We had lovely weather and used the few days that it rained to visit museums, including the Met, Guggenheim and MoMA.

This trip also allowed me to say good-bye to my dear friend and filmmaker Michael Forstein, who has just relocated to NYC for good. I will miss never running into him on the street anymore.
And finally, I sometime in Brooklyn, which I really enjoyed and wish I had more time to see. Click on the images for a much larger view!