MinnPost Article on 55408

I was written about in a recent article by Molly Priesmeyer for MinnPost about the Minneapolis 55408 exhibition. Priesmeyer was kind enough to discuss the motivation behind my work in some detail, and I was most impressed with her interpretation of my print, I am Fine. She nailed it.

“Tonja Torgerson’s screen print, “I Am Fine,” is a portrait of a girl with snaking leaves framing her head, the ends of which are festooned with two syringes. The word “okay” has been crossed out and replaced with “fine.” While the design and colors are cheery and childlike, the image tells a more complicated story: a struggle, an illness, a push to put on a pretty face in the midst of it all.” –Molly Priesmeyer

An image of ThinkGirl Poster was also included in the article. Talent artists and colleagues, Ellen Mueller and Isaac Arvold, were also featured in the article.

You can read the full article on MinnPost.com