Nine for 2009

Inspired by Andrew Schroeder‘s blog post of a similar theme, I thought I would make some goals for the New Year. Not one for the traditional resolutions, I liked the simplicity of Andrew’s list and the way it can be approached from many directions and still be accomplished.

Here is what I hope to do this year:

Nine Intentions for 2009
1. Rest. It is okay to not always be working on some big project. Take time to recharge.
2. Plan. Graduate school is not going to happen without some major legwork.
3. Make. More art. Finishing the ‘ill’ series this year is priority.
4. Connect. More time/communications with colleagues from school and those who have moved on from Mpls.
5. Sell. My apartment is becoming treacherous with stacks of art. Must find new homes.
6. Settle. Into my new studio in the Ivy Building.
7. Go. Out. To art openings, to movies, anything. Minnesota winters are making me into a hermit.
8. Read. Dust off my library card.
9. Relax. Stop worrying about what I cannot control.

I’ll give it a shot.

2 thoughts on “Nine for 2009

  1. Yes, sadly Camphor Studios closed down as of the end of 2008. But half of us are moving in to the Ivy building with a group of great people from our graduating BFA class. So despite the set back I am pretty excited about the new studio!

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