Star Tribune Article "Perils of Printmaking"

Yesterday, the Star Tribune published an article reviewing the Minnesota National Print Biennial. My work was mentioned:

“Feminist themes fared well in the hands of Tonja Torgerson, who created a poignant screen print…”

Reading this article also deepened my appreciation for the arts writer Molly Priesmeyer, who wrote a stunningly precise interpretation of the same print earlier this year:

“Tonja Torgerson’s screen print, “I Am Fine,” is a portrait of a girl with snaking leaves framing her head, the ends of which are festooned with two syringes. The word “okay” has been crossed out and replaced with “fine.” While the design and colors are cheery and childlike, the image tells a more complicated story: a struggle, an illness, a push to put on a pretty face in the midst of it all.” –Molly Priesmeyer “What’s up with the art and zeitgeist in ZIP code 55408?”

Please take a moment to read the entire article for yourself.