Minnesota National Print Catalog

The Katherine E Nash Gallery published a beautiful catalog in unison with the Minnesota National Print Biennial, and I thought I would share a few images of it.I have to say that I love the cover, especially the transparency and how the imagery of a printmaking studio has been incorporated into the design. It is very thoughtful and elegant.
The preface of the book includes two interviews, including an interview I conducted with Kristen Martincic. This was a wonderful opportunity and a great learning experience which I feel fortunate to have been offered.
The catalog includes my artist statement and an image of I am Fine which has since been purchased by the Weisman Art Museum.
Finally I wanted to show an image from Drew Peterson, who was also included in the catalog and conducted the other interview at the beginning of the catalog. I went to school with Drew and its been interesting to see how our styles have evolved over the years while often working in the same medium.

The catalog can be found online in the form of a pdf, made available by Katherine E Nash Gallery.
Find it here.

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