New Series on Website

In an ongoing effort to add more content to my website, I have added another series of photographs. Despite the fact that the photographs were taken in Minneapolis, the environment and resulting images reminded me greatly of my childhood home and are thus titled ‘Farmland’. The series was completed about two years ago, with a borrowed 35mm camera as mine had recently been stolen. The little images (approx. 3″ by 4″) have decorated my apartments ever since, but since I still shoot with film they were never digitalized until now.

I have added 10 images from this series unto my website. The entire series of photographs, including many not featured on my website, will be for sale on June 14th at the Art Soak Yardsale at Camphor Studios.

Please check it out.

One thought on “New Series on Website

  1. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog, and I thought these photos were really great–I especially like the 2nd and 5th ones. 🙂

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