Nite Lite at the Shoebox Gallery

My studiomates and I have come together to work on our upcoming project, Nite Lite. For Nite Lite we will be transforming the Shoebox Gallery into a giant Lite Brite display!
Images of our work in progress can be found on our studio’s blog.

An opening reception will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 5-7pm and will include an open studio and party afterwards.

Nite Lite runs from Saturday Nov 8, 2008-Saturday Jan 3, 2009.

The Shoebox Gallery is a display window in the Roberts Shoe Store just to the right of 2948 Chicago Avenue S, Mpls, MN
As winter intensifies, the days grow short and darkness plays a greater role in our daily lives. Religious and cultural celebrations such as Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, the Japanese Amatersu celebration and the Scandinavian Beiwe festival use human-created lights as ritual during this season. These manifestations of light are shared across age groups just as they are shared cross-culturally. Focusing on the magic these traditions hold for children, we have created our own illumination for this season. The project emulates the Hasbro© Lite Brite — a once common holiday gift of our generation. In many ways this toy was our first introduction to a canvas, its black surface tilted up towards us to be decorated with glowing plastic pegs. By magnifying this simple toy’s scale, the Shoebox Gallery is transformed into a playful celebration of light in these dark days of winter. Camphor Studios is: Helen Franzen, Julia Kouneski, Lindsay Noble, Tonja Torgerson and Patrick Vincent.

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